About Us – ASEAN FORUM 2015 – Travel & Needs

The atf-2015.com is a platform that seeks to cultivate economic awareness through quality content about events and forums, encourage active discussion on the current tourism affairs, and offer the ASEAN-affiliated individuals a place for intellectual and social engagement. Our aim is to be the leading eco-tourism platform for socioeconomic, environmental conservation, natural resource conservation, energy conservation, and political engagement.

The ASEAN members make up top ten biggest economies with their GDP going the third largest in the world in 2013, and it is believed that the ASEAN might be the economic hub of Southeast Asia in 10 years time. The ASEAN’s economic community was launched late in 2015, August 13th and the whole day’s forum describes the synergy and the difference between the diverse markets in the region, as well as the opportunities that can be explored. It also points out the challenges in those markets and the advice on how to face them.

Through education, atf-2015.com believes that people can learn how to start and operate businesses in a more efficient manner, without degrading the environment and natural resources. The ASEAN countries, whose citizens are actively investing in travel businesses, can realize a significant economic growth through educative content materials. That is why our content is based on what the team of experts talked about during that forum.