Air Conditioning is a Must in South East Asian Hotels!

Air Conditioning is a Must in South East Asian Hotels

Air Conditioning is a Must in South East Asian HotelsThe best method to ward off scorching summer situations is through installing a good AC in the hotels, especially in the hot climate Asian region. However, a perfect air conditioning system should be energy efficient in order to operate at minimal energy bills. It must be also long-lasting, cheap to maintain, quiet, and with a stable performance condition. An ideal AC system will offer the finest if it is the correct quality with the right features.

For that reason, the ASEAN member states held a forum to discuss the suitable air conditioning systems that can be used in the region. It was noted that if the hotel business community is aware of the features in the appliances, it will not only serve their customers better but also will fit in their budget.

As we talk, new high-quality AC systems have been launched in various countries across South East Asia. Additionally, each system comes with energy ratings to indicate the level of efficiency. Interestingly, these units are multi purpose because they can cool the rooms, control humidity at night, purify air, and keep away mosquitoes.

Based on what the ASEAN forum was about, there are several aspects that hotel owners need to know as they search for new AC systems. Let’s talk about a few of the vital factors.

The AC’s Capacity

The AC's CapacityThe capacity of the AC system should be a priority because it is determined by the size of the room. A small capacity will not offer the best needed cooling effect. On the other hand, too big air conditioning system is capable of cooling the room fast, but the thermostat may shut it down before regulating the humidity level. This may make the room to feel damp and clammy. The capacity is expressed in Btu per hour as indicated on the package. The best rating is between 10,000 and 15,000 Btu, enough to cool an average sized hotel room.

The AC’s Energy efficiency

This is another important aspect to ponder before buying an AC system. As a method of eliminating high energy cost and also getting rid of mercury from the environment, the ASEAN forum has been championing the use of energy efficient air conditioning systems. That is why every supplier or manufacturer is expected to indicate accurate rating on their appliances. Every AC system has energy efficiency ratio (EER) that is regulated by the South East Asia Bureau of Energy Efficiency. So, hotel owners should check the star rates when choosing a new AC systems because the more the stars the higher the quality. In short, the AC system with a higher EER is the best for saving on energy cost. Also, many AC systems come with a guide to help new users on how to understand the energy efficiency ratings.

Cooling Pace and Regulation Options

The best AC should come with adjustable features such as multi-speed fans, thermostat, and digital controls. This makes it easy to adjust the output and maintain a cool temperature during the day. The fans are vital for varying speeds at different times. If there are travelers who may want to sleep during the day time, they can adjust the AC system to a low setting for a quieter environment. There are new carrier models with digital controls and a timer for turning the power on/off. Also, the controls can regulate the temperature for optimum room cooling. So, knowing the crucial features can help hotel owners to keep their customers happy and comfortable throughout.

Ease of Installing the AC System

The modern air conditioning systems come with product-literature instructions indicating the installation and mounting process. The hotel owners should take measurements of the installation spaces before selecting a particular air conditioning system. This helps to know the size that will fit the air conditioner because the systems that have slide-out chassis are relatively easier to mount or install. The installer should remember that a metal frame to be attached to the wall is required. So, an AC system with the slide chassis is easy for installation.

Lastly, when working on heavy AC units it is advisable to ensure that there is a professional to offer assistance. This is because an unqualified person may get injuries during installation or damage the costly unit.

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