Air Conditioning is a Must in South East Asian Hotels!

Air Conditioning is a Must in South East Asian Hotels

Air Conditioning is a Must in South East Asian HotelsThe best method to ward off scorching summer situations is through installing a good AC in the hotels, especially in the hot climate Asian region. However, a perfect air conditioning system should be energy efficient in order to operate at minimal energy bills. It must be also long-lasting, cheap to maintain, quiet, and with a stable performance condition. An ideal AC system will offer the finest if it is the correct quality with the right features.

For that reason, the ASEAN member states held a forum to discuss the suitable air conditioning systems that can be used in the region. It was noted that if the hotel business community is aware of the features in the appliances, it will not only serve their customers better but also will fit in their budget.

As we talk, new high-quality AC systems have been launched in various countries across South East Asia. Additionally, each system comes with energy ratings to indicate the level of efficiency. Interestingly, these units are multi purpose because they can cool the rooms, control humidity at night, purify air, and keep away mosquitoes.

Based on what the ASEAN forum was about, there are several aspects that hotel owners need to know as they search for new AC systems. Let’s talk about a few of the vital factors.

The AC’s Capacity

The AC's CapacityThe capacity of the AC system should be a priority because it is determined by the size of the room. A small capacity will not offer the best needed cooling effect. On the other hand, too big air conditioning system is capable of cooling the room fast, but the thermostat may shut it down before regulating the humidity level. This may make the room to feel damp and clammy. The capacity is expressed in Btu per hour as indicated on the package. The best rating is between 10,000 and 15,000 Btu, enough to cool an average sized hotel room.

The AC’s Energy efficiency

This is another important aspect to ponder before buying an AC system. As a method of eliminating high energy cost and also getting rid of mercury from the environment, the ASEAN forum has been championing the use of energy efficient air conditioning systems. That is why every supplier or manufacturer is expected to indicate accurate rating on their appliances. Every AC system has energy efficiency ratio (EER) that is regulated by the South East Asia Bureau of Energy Efficiency. So, hotel owners should check the star rates when choosing a new AC systems because the more the stars the higher the quality. In short, the AC system with a higher EER is the best for saving on energy cost. Also, many AC systems come with a guide to help new users on how to understand the energy efficiency ratings.

Cooling Pace and Regulation Options

The best AC should come with adjustable features such as multi-speed fans, thermostat, and digital controls. This makes it easy to adjust the output and maintain a cool temperature during the day. The fans are vital for varying speeds at different times. If there are travelers who may want to sleep during the day time, they can adjust the AC system to a low setting for a quieter environment. There are new carrier models with digital controls and a timer for turning the power on/off. Also, the controls can regulate the temperature for optimum room cooling. So, knowing the crucial features can help hotel owners to keep their customers happy and comfortable throughout.

Ease of Installing the AC System

The modern air conditioning systems come with product-literature instructions indicating the installation and mounting process. The hotel owners should take measurements of the installation spaces before selecting a particular air conditioning system. This helps to know the size that will fit the air conditioner because the systems that have slide-out chassis are relatively easier to mount or install. The installer should remember that a metal frame to be attached to the wall is required. So, an AC system with the slide chassis is easy for installation.

Lastly, when working on heavy AC units it is advisable to ensure that there is a professional to offer assistance. This is because an unqualified person may get injuries during installation or damage the costly unit.

Every Hotel Room Needs a Small Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Hotel Room Needs a Small Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Hotel Room Needs a Small Wine Cellar Cooling UnitAs a world’s tourist destination region, there are many hotels that have been established in the South East Asia. That said, there are many wine lovers who are flowing in the Asian countries from all over the world. To cater for the needs of these wine fanatics, the hotels have been equipped with small wine cellars to store a few bottles. This ensures that the customers’ treasured items are well preserved. The recommended way to store wine is by use of wine coolers because they keep them at their best temperature.

Why the Hotel Rooms Require Small Wine Cellars

The ASEAN member states have requested the hotels in various Asian countries to embrace wine cellars in their rooms. This is because the wine cellars will store the wines at the perfect temperature for the best aging quality. The issue of space availability in the hotel was raised by several hotel owners, but the experts advised the business community to buy the small models that can fit in small spaces.

There are built-in wine cellars that can fit under the countertop, and they have been popular in a few hotels. Ideally, the reason for having a wine cooler is to ensure that they are kept in the perfect condition. The coolers not only help to store wines at a good temperature but also help in regulating sunlight that can destroy wines. Some of the hotels use normal refrigerators but they are cooler and generate a high amount of humidity inside the unit. Another challenge is the multiple uses of the refrigerators whereby there is food stuff stored inside it, meaning there is limited space to store wines.

It is also worth noting that the temperature regulation of a refrigerator is not similar to a wine cooler. After all, the wine coolers are specifically made for wines. The built-in wine cellars are costly compared to normal fridges. They also need a higher labor for installation, but they become an integral part of the hotel’s investment. The built-in wine fridges are ideal for space saving since they can be installed in a minimal space. Credit to wine cooler lab.

Types of Wine Cellars

Thermoelectric Wine Cellars

Thermoelectric Wine CellarsThese models are quieter compared to compressor wine cellars, and therefore useful for keeping a hotel room silent. They are also energy efficient, but they are not as powerful as the compressor counterparts. Therefore, they may not be capable of cooling many wine bottles. If the thermoelectric wine cellars are usually installed under the countertop and probably not suitable to cool the bottles up to the desired temperature.

Compressor Wine Cellars

Compressor wine cellars work almost similar to the ordinary refrigerators. That is why they are normally louder due to high vibration. Additionally, they use more energy than their thermoelectric counterparts. Despite the fact that they use more energy, compressor units are capable of cooling more wine bottles. Asian countries have hot climates and therefore the compressor wine cellars can be a suitable option to include in the hotels.

How Hotels Should Choose a Wine Cellar

According to wine experts working with the ASEAN organization, there are a few things that need to be considered before buying.

Space for Installing the Wine Cellar

The hotels need to identify the space where the wine cooler can be placed without causing congestion. There are free-standing models that can suitably fit in hotel rooms. However, the hotel management can choose to install inbuilt models under the countertop.

Cost of the Unit

The price of an inbuilt wine cooler varies from one model to another. The ASEAN member states have subsidized some models so that the small hotel businesses can afford to purchase them. While checking the cost of a wine cellar, the hotel management should remember to consider size, style, capacity, and features that meet the customers’ needs.

The Number of Bottles to Store

For the large hotels where there are many travelers, it can be suitable to have a bigger wine cellar in a hotel room. If the hotel is a small scale business, small wine cellars are fit for them because the rooms are probably small in size. However, a small wine cellar is generally sufficient for storing wine bottles enough for an individual.

Top Tip! Taking Control of Your Hotel Thermostat

Using Ceiling Fans

Taking Control of Your Hotel ThermostatThe climate of Southeast Asia is hot, and it makes a lot of sense to have air conditioning systems in the hotels. However, the hot weather may lead to high energy bills if not well-managed. This does not mean that the comfort is compromised, but it is tempting to crank the AC system. This action may lead to power grid draining and inefficient energy usage, leading to huge energy expenses. However, there are more improved ways to cool the house and stay comfortable.

A smart thermostat has been proposed by many ASEAN-member countries as a way to save on energy costs. According to experts, a smart thermostat can save approximately one-third of all total cooling costs if used appropriately. The hotel rooms with smart thermostats can be operated remotely, meaning that a customer can control a room’s climate while away. Other modern thermostats can be preprogrammed to cool the rooms when the temperature rises beyond a certain point.

So, how do you manage the thermostat in order to use energy more efficiently?

Using Ceiling Fans

Using Ceiling FansEnergy conservation experts working with the ASEAN-member countries have been recommending the use of ceiling fans in hotels. They cool down the person by stimulating evaporation from the occupant’s skin and force the warm air away. However, these fans are better used to cool people, not the rooms and therefore it is advisable to turn off when leaving the hotel room. The Asia region is a hot place and the travelers can enjoy a cooler feeling.

Thermostat is Easy-to-Manage

Thermostat is Easy-to-ManageWith an air conditioning system, it is advisable to cool the rooms during the hot day and warm during the cold nights. However, the hotel management should be keen to advise the room occupants to adjust the thermostats regularly in order to save energy. Also, the hotel management should put instruction stickers in the rooms to educate occupants that the rooms do not need to be cooled all day long if there is no one inside. More info on thermostatistics.

Energy Audit is Important

The ASEAN-member states are working with utility managers on educating the hotel owners on how to save energy by auditing the energy usage. These utilities also provide various types of rebates and incentive programs that can add advantage to your energy bill reduction. Hotel energy audits are done for free or at very small feel, and they will show how to save energy in the hotels.

Use LED Bulbs

Some of the Southeast Asian hotels are shying away from the use of LED bulbs because they are relatively more expensive compared to other conventional bulbs. However, the ASEAN forum brought to attention the subsidies that various states will provide in order to make the price of the LED bulbs affordable. Generally, the bulbs are energy efficient and will help to manage the energy cost more efficient.

Prevent Direct Sunlight from Entering the Room

Being a hot region, the Southeast Asian hotel owners are advised to keep the sunlight away from entering the rooms. The solar is hot and therefore things such as blinds, drapes, and shades can keep away the heat from the rooms. Therefore, the air conditioner can be kept at higher temperature setting to maintain a cooler and comfortable room. According to the experts, every increase in the degree to raise the air conditioning temperature setting can help in saving up to 8% on the cooling cost.

Seal Drafty Areas in the Rooms

When the drafty areas in the rooms are sealed, the cold air will be maintained within the space. When the cold escapes, it means that the AC will be working harder to cool the space. You will be forced to adjust the thermostat to a lower setting in order to achieve an ideal cooling effect. So, the hotel management can advise the room occupants to close the windows and doors to ensure that the cold air is not escaping away.

Last but least, the ASEAN members were advised to purchase energy star sealed central air conditioning units.  This is because the statistics based on the South East Asian countries show that energy star certified units are more efficient than the conventional methods. So, there are economic implications when using the energy saving units.

Customizing Hotel Rooms for Basketball Player Guests

Customizing Hotel Rooms for Basketball Player Guests

Customizing Hotel Rooms for Basketball Player GuestsPreparing for a basketball tournament entails many things because the players must be kept healthy and physically fit before they face off the opponent team. That is why customizing hotel rooms for basketball players have been a priority in the South East Asian countries where basketball is constantly becoming popular. When we talk about customized hotel rooms, we refer to spaces that can be used comfortably by players in particular. They are modified based on consultative meetings with the region’s basketball coaches. This is to ensure that the hotels are perfectly suitable for the player guests.

One of the most vital areas to improve for the best interest of the players is the toilet and bathroom. It is less known that the bathroom or toilet posture can have impacts on your health. The common two types of toilets are the sit toilets and the squat toilets, however, I would not recommend anyone to use the squat models. Even Thomas Crapper, who displayed the first flushable toilet in his showroom in the 1980s, he didn’t display a squatting toilet model!

Height Toilets for basketball playersActually, after showcasing the toilet models the average height of the toilets was about 420mm from the floor. But nowadays things are a bit different due to the increase in human population, meaning the required average height of the toilet is higher than 420mm. Therefore, nowadays toilets are being manufactured with different heights so that customers can choose based on their specific needs. When it comes to customizing the hotel bathrooms, the right toilets are chosen according to the standard height for every player.

Comfortable Height Toilets and Benefits

A comfortable toilet is the one that allows the user to sit on and easily to get up without straining. Though there is more on technology in the development of toilets such as water saving devices and flush motion sensors, there is a lot to consider about the toilet height. A person living with a disorder such as arthritis might find it rough when trying to get down a low positioned toilet. That bending may also be an annoyance to aging people because their joints may develop aching over time. When we also consider the wheelchair users, a toilet of 420mm height can be really frustrating given that a typical wheelchair is 480mm in height.

Many of the modern hotels have been refurbishing their toilets to fit the needs of their customers. When it comes to hotels that host basketball players, the toilets’ seat has been molded and the seat frames raised to make them a usable and convenient for the players. In such hotels, the toilets are redesigned to ensure the entire place is complemented and look more hospice than home! When it comes to wall-hung toilets, they are known to be a great choice to combat concerns about mobility. Interestingly, they can be adjusted based on the height of the user, and also they have a customizable long projection pan to fit the wheelchair commode. In addition, they are easy to keep clean compared to some of the modern toilets. According to toilet experts, the suitable and accessible toilet height for almost every normal human being should be 480mm.

Comfortable Toilet Seats and Benefits

Comfortable Toilet Seats and BenefitsStaying for an extra minute on an uncomfortable toilet can be annoying. So, a good quality toilet seat is quite important so that the user can get the most out of the bathroom’s experience. A poorly designed toilet seat can cause rashes and bruises, which may lead to serious irritation over time. This means you will not be able to use the toilet comfortably because you must hover in order to keep off contact with the surface. To avoid such annoyances, new hotels have been replacing the old-fashioned toilets with the modern ones.

To add comfort in the bathrooms, many hotels are putting plush toilet seats that breathe and create a comfortable layer around your backside. Not only are they comfortable as pillows but they are as durable as earthenware. There are also wood toilet seats that are highly durable and also comfortable to sit for a longer time. Last but not least, it is easier to clean the wood (hard toilet seats) toilet seats compared to soft ones. This is because the soft toilet seats have tiny pores that collect dirt and oil from the skin.