Where do The Best Carpets in The World Come From

Where do The Best Carpets in The World Come From

Carpets today are being produced everywhere in the world. However, the tradition in the carpet making industry is something that can’t be avoided in the search of the best carpet. It takes a lot of experience, knowledge, and some of the finest materials to make a great carpet. In history, many Asian countries, but also some countries in the Balkans are famous for carpet making.

Where do The Best Carpets in The World Come From

Back in history, the best carpets were made in the land of Persia. That’s why today we have the Persian carpet as one of the most wanted carpets among them all. Lands influenced by Persia remain great carpet makers. Some of the countries that make the best carpets today are India, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and others.

Indian carpets

India is a country of more than a billion people. There are so many cultures in it. Carpet makers have taken this craft and raised it to a different level. On a total level, India exports around 1.45 billion dollars worth of carpets each year. This makes around 40% of the complete carpet trading in the world which makes India the most valuable player in the carpet world.

Iranian carpets

Iranian carpets

As a direct successor of Persia is considered the country of Iran. Of course, the empire of Persia was dominating most of south-east Asia, but Persia is now the biggest country in this region. That’s why they are so famous today for their carpet making. Some of the best carpets in the world still come from Iran.

Pakistani carpets

The whole south-east Asian region is famous for the carpet making and Pakistan in the middle of India and Iran is nothing less. Pakistani carpets are on the same level as Indian carpets. The only difference is that Pakistan has way less production which is understandable, India is a much bigger country with a lot more industry.

Afghani carpets

Some of the best wool for producing carpets is made in Afghanistan. This is a region known for breeding all kinds of different animals whose wool later will be used for carpets. The only problem with exporting a lot of carpets is the political instability in the country.

Turkish carpets

As one of the countries closest to the west, both with mentality and industry, Turkey is a major carpet producer. Turkey has a lot of tradition in the field while it is industrially at a very high level. This is the main reason why Turkish carpets are known and famous around the whole world.

How to choose the best carpet?

How to choose the best carpet

First of all, you need to know what you need and want. There are many types of different carpets and maybe you don’t really need a carpet with the finest fibers that will make you feel like your feet are going through a white cloud. Yes, some of the finest carpets create a filling just like this.

Maybe you like types of carpets with shorter and firm fibers that can take a lot of walking of shoes over them. Before you start looking for the best carpet, make an image in your mind of how the best carpet should look like.

If you like a traditional carpet made of traditional materials and hand-made, be careful not to get something that’s only portrayed as hand-made. Modern industrial made carpets are made of polyester, nylon, or polypropylene. This is a difference that is easily recognizable, just be sure you look in closely before paying top dollars.

How to maintain the carpet?

The carpet needs fine maintenance every day. The most important thing is not to walk on the carpet with shoes because they can damage the fibers. The other very important thing you need to know is cleaning the carpet. Some people get expensive cleaning solutions that only might damage more the fine fibers of the carpets. Instead, you need a top carpet cleaner for this use. Portable carpet cleaners are also an easy alternative.

Carpet cleaners for commercial use

One of the most important things for keeping your carpet in shape is getting one of the many great carpet cleaners for commercial use. These cleaners are specially designed for cleaning every type of fiber and they use state of the art technology in the battle with the dirt and dust. A good carpet cleaner is a must if you’re about to get some of the best carpets in the world.


As you can see, some of the best carpet cleaners come from south-east Asia. However, due to the import and export of the modern world, you can purchase these carpets everywhere. These carpets are usually more expensive than the regular ones and that’s why good maintenance is essential.

Preparing your RV for that big Asian trip

Preparing your RV for that big Asian trip

Preparing your RV for that big Asian tripAsia is huge. You can’t see it all in one trip that’s for sure, but you can do a good trip in one season if you have an RV that’s prepared well for this. Before you take that big step and get on the journey, make sure you do some check-ups on your vehicle so you’re safe on the road and have some great time out there.

Here’s a list of things that are essential for your safety, having some accessories that are absolutely needed and of course, tip and tricks on how to keep your RV’s looks. Read on and find out.

Check the vehicle condition

Before you get on the road you must check if the RV is in its best condition. Check the tires, the oil and the brakes. Make sure everything is in order and nothing will surprise you out there. Getting your RV damaged in the middle of Asia can be a real problem as some countries don’t even have road assistance. You must be driving a vehicle that’s in the best condition and think of it as something that won’t give you any trouble.

Make sure you have internet

internet in RV

It’s almost 2020 and internet is important as food and water are. All Asian countries have roaming internet which will probably cost you a lot, so if you can find a better solution, that will be best, but make sure you have the internet at all times. Asian weather is complicated and some areas can give you a real weather trouble. Internet will get you a step ahead of the weather and you’ll be able to find refuge in time in critical moments.

Check the amps

All RVs are equipped with 30 or 50 amps. That means you can’t turn on air conditioning, water heater, and a toaster at the same time. You need to know your capacity and always be ready. If you think you’re going to need more power, you can always carry with you a portable power generator that will be there for those moments you’ll need them the most. This accessory is also good for being a backup plan if something goes wrong with the original power battery.


Different countries have different rules about your RV’s weight. Before you start the engine and get on the road, learn a little more about the countries you’re about to drive and make sure you have a good plan about getting through unharmed. The gas and the water tanks combined together can make your vehicle really heavy and you don’t want to get a ticket for something like this. Make sure you have enough water and enough gas to get to your next stop where you’ll refuel. Of course, if there are no regulations or the limits are high enough you shouldn’t worry.

First-aid and toolkit

Never go on a trip in the great outdoors without a first aid kit. It’s amazing how many people were safe just by having a first-aid kit in your truck. Also, be sure you have a toolkit that will be of great help in an unwanted situation. A flat tire, engine problems that you’ll be able to fix by yourself, but also tools that will help you have a better time outside the RV and enjoy a pleasant trip. Tools are important for all situations and can be helpful in all sorts of dangers.

Pressure washers

Finally, the looks. Traveling around the continent will get your truck dirty, that’s for sure. Rain, dust, and dirt will get your RV really messy and you don’t want to drive a bucket of dirt around. There are no washing stations on every corner, and why giving money for it anyways. Get a pressure washer. Especially gas pressure washers are very convenient in these situations. All you need is a water supply and some cleaning solution to get the vehicle in top shape and have a great look again. Pressure washers clean it up in seconds and that’s why this is one of the top priority accessories for your trip.


Driving around Asia is a wonderful experience but only if you do it the right way. If you just decide and get inside the van and start driving, you’ll surely get back home with only bad memories. Make sure you follow this list and don’t forget any of these things if you want to have the road trip of your life. From security to looks, everything matters when you’re getting out on the Asian roads.