New Opening of Wellness Hotels in South East Asia

Features of the Wellness Hotels

wellness hotels.Being one of the travelers’ destinations regions, South East Asia is advocating the establishment of wellness hotels. In these facilities, there are experts who carry out health assessment and also offer physical fitness treatments. The assessment will help to determine how healthy or unhealthy the visitors are. The process takes a form of health screening whereby travelers can obtain information on their weight, height, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Features of Wellness Programs in the South East Asia Hotels

Health Assessment Program

The assessment also involves a computerized analysis known as the health risk appraisal, which consists of a classified questionnaire that asks travelers how often they drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, their current body weight, their height, family history, chronic disease history and other health issues. The information is now compared to other similar people with the same sex, age, and race. The assessment plans offer organized information about the travelers’ health, which might motivate them to create more viable lifestyle approaches.

Communication Materials

The hotels are also using communication materials to reach other people who may have completed their tour of the South East Asia. The materials are also compatible for the visitors who have several locations or working in remote areas and it is difficult to reach them. Such materials may include calendars, newsletters, paycheck stuffers, pocket planners, table tents, and brochure racks. Online information such as emails is also used to communicate with travelers about wellness and how physical treatments should be done.

Self-Help Plans and Interventions

There are also self-help plans and interventions, especially for assisting smokers to stop the habit, weight control, management of stress-related illness and more. These programs have become commonly applied in the field of health promotion to help the affected people to assist themselves. The benefit of self-help plans is to assist travelers to change their lifestyles based on their convenient time and privacy. Some of the self-help materials include DVDs, Videos, audiotapes, booklets, and computer programs.

Personal Health Coaching

Personal Health CoachingMany travelers who visit the South East Asia may want to change their lifestyle habits, but they require some professional assistance in order to achieve their dreams. In the hotels, there are experts who offer health coaching services. Each traveler is assigned a personal health coach to guide him or her through the habit change process. Some of the things that most travelers may want to achieve include quit smoking, manage stress, lose weight, manage time well, and improve on exercising.

Features of the Wellness Hotels in South East Asia

Features of the Wellness HotelsA modern wellness hotel should have a well-designed bathroom that is capable of providing a sense of comfort and relaxation. That is why it should be taken as a priority to add luxury touches to the decoration and finishing work. In a world-class hotel such as those in the South East Asian Countries, there are several luxury features that must be included such as a walled fish tank, fireplace, Jacuzzi, vanity dresser with a sink, modern showerheads, and a personal sauna.

Travelers will start their day and conclude it in the bathroom, and thus should be designed based on the customers’ requirements and with an aspect of personalization. To start with, the hotels have a walk-in shower that offers an additional showering space and a modern appearance. According to Beyond Shower, the luxury experience comes from the less cramped shower space since there is a space for the elbows to move around while taking a shower.

Other important features you will find in these contemporary bathrooms are the showerheads, which are capable of providing a relaxing shower without wasting water. Water conservation is an essential aspect of consideration in any self-sustaining facility, and therefore the hotels have been fitted with water-saving showerheads. Apart from the modern showerheads, the bathrooms have underfloor heating that adds a comfortable finish. You do not need to think about the shock of a cold bathroom floor because the heating provides suitable warmth from the homely tiles under your feet.

Last but not least, installing LED tiles and door handles is an important element in a modern bathroom. The hotels have added a personalized feel by installing LEDs to underline all the features in the entire space, as well as adding a luxury feel to the bathrooms.

Potential Opportunities in Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism

Wellness TourismSince the establishment of ASEAN on 8th August 1967, the intergovernmental organization currently has 10 member states and 27 member Regional Forum states. This regional and international cooperation and integration on social and economic matters have promoted the growth of tourism sector. This is also accompanied by increased applications of latest technology in the tourism sector to improve the well-being and health of the people.

Through the improvement of regional peace, economic stability, political agreement, and traveling, ASEAN has offered an opportunity for private sectors to invest in the tourism industry. That is why there is more wellness traveling to the South East Asia countries such as Vietnam. More hotels, spa centers, massage centers, resorts, and other physical fitness facilities have been established in various countries, which attract visitors from member states, as well as other non-member countries.

According to a worldwide wellness summit, the fast rising travel niche is anticipated to hit over $700 billion by the year 2018. This was noted because it is growing 50 percent more rapidly compared to the tourism industry in general. Therefore, the wellness tourism is simply in high demand due to the many benefits travelers accrue from it. The estimated annual wellness trips are about 580 million not to mention that the wellness tourism takes approximately a quarter of the global travel.

wellness touristsFor your information, wellness tourism comes after the cultural tourism in terms of the number of trips that are made annually. In addition, the wellness travelers tend to spend more money compared to the normal travelers. Massages, spas, and other physical fitness treatments are the most-sought after wellness facets. Given the whopping economic growth due to the wellness tourism, various manufacturers and suppliers have high tech businesses.

Due to the high-demand for massage services nowadays, highly sophisticated massage chairs that use high-end technologies have emerged in the market. They are capable of providing an almost similar human touch experience, and therefore many people are opting for them compared to human massage services. However, today’s busy lifestyle is limiting many people from seeing masseuses due to tight schedules. For that reason, having a massage chair at your office or home can do the very best trick per massage chair lab.

Over the decades, many Southeast Asian countries have been experiencing a whopping economic growth, especially in the tourism sector. The global tourism boost is also significant such that many tourism-related businesses have been establishing over the years. This is an indication that there are potential opportunities for those who may wish to invest in this industry. The ASEAN member states such as Malaysia and Vietnam are some of the countries with the highest number of luxury hotels that combine various services including physical fitness and treatment services.

Tech News in Massage Chairs

The name ‘massage chair’ might not be news to some people. When it comes to high tech massage chairs, they mean the newest models that utilize the latest technology with the ability to mimic human touch massage therapy. One of the modern massage chair models was recently manufactured in Asia by a brand known as Ogawa. The company has been around for over 30 years and has established more 190 retail stores all over the world.

The top high-end massage chair is the Ogawa Active with the best interesting features that are not found in any other model. It has the SuperTrac that utilizes an exclusive technology has the 43″track, which is similar to the trendy L Track design that allows massage rollers to go throughout the body. You can enjoy a glute and thigh massage therapy despite the recline position or when lying in a bed position. The package of features includes inversion recline, two stretching programs, mechanical foot rollers for kneading, multi-layered airbags, vibration, lumbar heat, auto programs, massage modes, and more. Apart from the features, the Ogawa Active is made of high-quality materials that cannot be found in other massage chairs.

Another massage chair that has been featured in various tech news is the Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair, which is known for its beautiful look plus the whopping features. Even though many standard features are found in similar models, this massage chair by Ogawa boasts the 31″ Quad Style massage roller is able to provide the finest reach to almost all body parts. When it is complemented by the 26 airbags, it ensures that you get a full-body massage therapy. Additionally, the massage chair has a Smart Curve Technology can offer an additional massage on the spine and neck regions. Other additional features that come with this massage chair include two-stage zero gravity, body scan tech, lumbar heat, auto programs, chromotherapy, vibration, among others.

There are other high tech massage chairs that have been introduced in the market. However, Ogawa is one of the best brands nowadays. A company that specializes in manufacturing modern massage chairs must design, engineer, and assemble their products in a more rewarding manner. Last but not least, Asia has been spotted as one of the regions where high-end massage chairs are being manufactured.