Every Hotel Room Needs a Small Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Hotel Room Needs a Small Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Hotel Room Needs a Small Wine Cellar Cooling UnitAs a world’s tourist destination region, there are many hotels that have been established in the South East Asia. That said, there are many wine lovers who are flowing in the Asian countries from all over the world. To cater for the needs of these wine fanatics, the hotels have been equipped with small wine cellars to store a few bottles. This ensures that the customers’ treasured items are well preserved. The recommended way to store wine is by use of wine coolers because they keep them at their best temperature.

Why the Hotel Rooms Require Small Wine Cellars

The ASEAN member states have requested the hotels in various Asian countries to embrace wine cellars in their rooms. This is because the wine cellars will store the wines at the perfect temperature for the best aging quality. The issue of space availability in the hotel was raised by several hotel owners, but the experts advised the business community to buy the small models that can fit in small spaces.

There are built-in wine cellars that can fit under the countertop, and they have been popular in a few hotels. Ideally, the reason for having a wine cooler is to ensure that they are kept in the perfect condition. The coolers not only help to store wines at a good temperature but also help in regulating sunlight that can destroy wines. Some of the hotels use normal refrigerators but they are cooler and generate a high amount of humidity inside the unit. Another challenge is the multiple uses of the refrigerators whereby there is food stuff stored inside it, meaning there is limited space to store wines.

It is also worth noting that the temperature regulation of a refrigerator is not similar to a wine cooler. After all, the wine coolers are specifically made for wines. The built-in wine cellars are costly compared to normal fridges. They also need a higher labor for installation, but they become an integral part of the hotel’s investment. The built-in wine fridges are ideal for space saving since they can be installed in a minimal space. Credit to wine cooler lab.

Types of Wine Cellars

Thermoelectric Wine Cellars

Thermoelectric Wine CellarsThese models are quieter compared to compressor wine cellars, and therefore useful for keeping a hotel room silent. They are also energy efficient, but they are not as powerful as the compressor counterparts. Therefore, they may not be capable of cooling many wine bottles. If the thermoelectric wine cellars are usually installed under the countertop and probably not suitable to cool the bottles up to the desired temperature.

Compressor Wine Cellars

Compressor wine cellars work almost similar to the ordinary refrigerators. That is why they are normally louder due to high vibration. Additionally, they use more energy than their thermoelectric counterparts. Despite the fact that they use more energy, compressor units are capable of cooling more wine bottles. Asian countries have hot climates and therefore the compressor wine cellars can be a suitable option to include in the hotels.

How Hotels Should Choose a Wine Cellar

According to wine experts working with the ASEAN organization, there are a few things that need to be considered before buying.

Space for Installing the Wine Cellar

The hotels need to identify the space where the wine cooler can be placed without causing congestion. There are free-standing models that can suitably fit in hotel rooms. However, the hotel management can choose to install inbuilt models under the countertop.

Cost of the Unit

The price of an inbuilt wine cooler varies from one model to another. The ASEAN member states have subsidized some models so that the small hotel businesses can afford to purchase them. While checking the cost of a wine cellar, the hotel management should remember to consider size, style, capacity, and features that meet the customers’ needs.

The Number of Bottles to Store

For the large hotels where there are many travelers, it can be suitable to have a bigger wine cellar in a hotel room. If the hotel is a small scale business, small wine cellars are fit for them because the rooms are probably small in size. However, a small wine cellar is generally sufficient for storing wine bottles enough for an individual.

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