Water Filtration Systems for New South Eastern Hotels

benefits of filtered water

After engaging public health experts to determine the best method of making safe water for drinking, various new South Eastern Asia hotels have been educating their partners about the benefits of filtered water. Through the ASEAN Forum, the members have created many educational guides to spread the different benefits of filtered water so that customers can stay informed, happy, healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

Municipal water has various elements that are normally removed through the filtration process. These components include arsenic, aluminum, Disinfection Byproducts, and fluoride. Arsenic is found in tap water and contains harmful compounds such as carcinogenic that is usually linked to cancer. Through filtration system, the level of arsenic is eliminated to make the water safe for drinking.

benefits of filtered water

Aluminum is also found in municipal water and can cause diseases such as hyperactivity, Alzheimer’s, brain problems in children, liver disease, skin disorders, and more. However, you may not realize the effects of this metal until it is consumed in large quantities. With filtration, the metal is eliminated and thus reducing the dangerous impacts associated with it.

Disinfection byproducts (DBPs)Disinfection byproducts (DBPs) have been known to be dangerous elements that can cause different types of cancers. This is because the elements contain carcinogenic components that get their way into the water when chlorine is used to disinfect tap water or municipal water. Therefore, the hotels in the Southeast Asia have been using a filtration system to get rid of this harmful element from the drinking water.

Fluoride has been used in toothpaste products to improve oral health. However, it is also linked to a wide range of disorders when it finds a way into the body systems. For instance, health experts have pointed out that fluoride can lead to the weakening of immune system and also damaging of cellular tissues that may lead to early aging. That is why ASEAN members have been creating awareness of these risks and proposing the use of water filtration process to make water safe for drinking.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a filtration method that is recommended by medical doctors. That is why ASEAN member countries have proposed to have RO systems in the hotels and the states agreed to subsidize the prices to encourage the move. Reverse osmosis systems are different based on the procedures used for filtering water. The best systems have 5-step processes of filtering water whereby there are micron filters, carbon filters, semi-permeable membrane, and ultra-violet light.

The RO systems are of great importance because they help to remove widely held contaminants such as bacteria and many other organisms due to the presence of ultra-violet treatment step. For the small hotels, a small water faucet can be established in the sinks for providing drinking water. This is convenient for the customers as they will not need the bottled water. The hotel management can also decide to set up a system that will feed clean to the ice makers. Interestingly, RO system improves the flavor and odor of water.

Pitcher Water Filters

Pitcher Water FiltersThese are suitable for small and medium hotels because they are locally available in many stores. The pitchers are responsible for water filtration process as they use granulated charcoal that is activated to get rid of contaminants in tap water. With the water pitcher filters, you do not need to use chlorine to disinfect water and therefore reducing the amount of chlorine in the water. The water flavor is also improved at low-costs without getting rid of the essential minerals.


Distillation has been a conventional method of purifying water. It brings the water to a boiling point by turning the water into steam and then the vapor is condensed into liquid in a different chamber. It is commonly used in chemical laboratories, and therefore a good purification process to adopt in the new hotels. It is beneficial because it eliminates fluoride and the heavy metals present in tap water. Also, it kills organisms such as bacteria making the water safe for drinking.

Berkey Water Filters

The Berkey filtration process utilizes multiple media types to remove bacteria and viruses present in water. It is capable of filtering 100% organisms, lead and other metals, as well as removing chlorine up to undetectable levels. It can also be used together with the PF-2 Filter to get rid of all unwanted contaminants such as fluoride while retaining the essential minerals. Interestingly, the initial cost is lower and it is affordable to maintain when used by small hotels.

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